Protecting Your Heart from Severe Diseases: A Guide

It’s never too early to protect your heart from severe heart diseases. It doesn’t matter what your age is; you can influence the future health of your loved ones by setting an example of good health. As you get older, the risk of heart disease increases. To prevent the onset of the disease, you must create an action plan and regularly visit a heart specialist in Dubai. The following are some ways that you can start protecting your heart.


Regular exercise can help protect your heart from serious heart diseases. According to the Heart Association, exercise should be done for 30 minutes five days a week. Physical activity can include anything that moves your body, such as climbing stairs, playing sports, and walking. It can also involve jogging, swimming, or biking. Exercise can help prevent heart problems by lowering blood pressure and reducing inflammation. In addition to these benefits, exercise also reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Healthy diet:

A healthy diet protects your heart from severe heart diseases by providing adequate fiber and fruits. It would help if you ate lots of vegetables, legumes, and fish, low in calories and high in dietary fiber. Consuming more vegetables and fruits will help you lose weight by cutting down on the amount of high-calorie foods. To avoid gaining weight, choose foods that contain fewer calories than meat or fish, such as low-fat dairy products and skinless poultry. Limit red meat to lean cuts.

Stress management:

The effects of stress on the heart are many and varied. Patients often say that stress makes their lives worse or causes heart murmurs. These complaints are not always related to serious heart problems, however. Psychologists and cardiologists use different rating schemes to measure stress in patients. For instance, cardiologists may qualitatively rate the number of heart murmurs a patient experiences. However, psychologists rely on patients’ self-reports of stress.

Blood pressure control:

As you probably know, blood pressure is the number one factor in stroke and heart disease risk. Heart disease is the leading cause of death globally, and nearly one-third of adults have high blood pressure. However, even though millions of people take blood pressure medication, many miss opportunities to reduce blood pressure. One missed opportunity is not taking blood pressure medication or being overweight. Instead, it is crucial to monitor your blood pressure at every visit to the doctor.

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